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Unboxed Rental

Unboxed Rental

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Unboxed : The cost effective solution for room by room design.

Many of us have been stuck within our 4 walls at home for quite some time now. Due to the pandemic we have been forced to eat, sleep and now work from home, Only wishing we could change and redesign these spaces to uplift them and make them fresh and new. 

Maybe you need change, but the thought of doing it alone scares the living daylights out of you. Or Maybe you just cannot afford to pay for the professional advice you need. 

"Unboxed" is our solution. 

Its a cost effective Interior design solution that includes you in the entire process but has the professional eyes and ears of a qualified Interior designer at your fingertips. 



After your order is placed, a Starter Kit is Mailed to you via Post 

The starter kit is filled with goodies to get you started to enable us to get all of the information we need from you in order to give you the best design advice and tips going forward. This acts as our consultation period but gives you time and direction to complete all the necessary fields of what you are wanting to achieve in your space. This box will have everything you need to compile all of this in your home and in your own time. We also contact you to set up a meet and greet greet via zoom so that I can get to know you a bit better in order to personalise your space. 

After this stage is complete, you will send us back all of your information ; via email (international clients) or Post /email (UK & Mainland) and we will get the design process started. We will work on your designs and send you the final designs for you to implement yourself. 


Absolutely any space within your home interior. A bedroom, Loft, Living room etc. All except a Bathroom or Kitchen (see other package offerings) 

We will incorporate any of your existing furniture, fitted items and decor you wish to keep and work within your given budget to suggest layouts and updates to make your space look like a designer home , without interfering with anything permanent (we know you are renting so everything needs to be able to be taken away with you and removed when your lease ends) 


- A starter kit package posted to you to get you started with some amazing goodies within. 

- A Full Mood/ Sample board of your space showing style, colour & finishes

- A floor plan layout (fully scaled) showing proper placement of existing furniture and new items added (within your budget). This also includes styling of shelves etc. with your existing decor items and new ones as well.

There are no structural or permanent design recommendations in this package - only cosmetic 

- Shopping list with links to online stores 

- A full report of tips and styling