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What more fun could a team of interior designers have then execute the space planning, interior design and finishings of a red hot ad agency.

This area needed to spark creativity as well as be a functional work environment for both graphic designers and software developers. From the wall paper vinyls of vortex geometric shapes to the cork walls where documents, posters and pictures can be pinned to, this place is heaven for this type of work environment. We also needed to carefully separate but not segregate the designers from the developers where we managed to plan the ‘fish bowl’ with glass dividers and drywall.

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We were appointed to design these surgical consultation rooms for a local surgeon in Durban. The concept was to create a funky, forward-thinking space that was eye-catching to those passing by. Window openings were created so people could see into the space, create curiosity and generate some buzz in the hospital. This space is a breath of fresh air. We loved working on this project, pushing boundaries and redefining what doctors rooms can be. Our client was an absolute joy to work with.